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Recordati believes that support for patient associations and local communities is fundamental.
In full compliance with ethical standards, the Group develops social projects and initiatives to support organisations operating in the medical and healthcare fields, it supports associations that are dedicated to assisting patients and improving the quality of life for them and their families, initiatives and social projects which benefit the most vulnerable members of society and those who experience disability, hardship, and difficulties. 
This support is mainly in the form of monetary donations, product donations, support to organisations and associations to facilitate access to healthcare through training and collaboration initiatives. 

During 2020, the Recordati group disbursed over € 7.7 million* in support of the community. 
Of particular importance are the initiatives launched by the entire Group for the epidemiological emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus. The Group's support for these initiatives, through monetary and product donations, was over € 5.4 million (equal to approximately 70% of the total donations made in 2020). 
Of total donations, 18% was allocated to activities aimed at treating rare diseases, while the remaining 12% refers to contributions and donations awarded to social and cultural organisations and institutions in various countries.  

Recordati group donations by type

Recordati group donations by geographic area

Contributions to the community during the epidemiological emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus

From the very beginning, the Recordati group has been there for the community in which it operates, making contributions to support healthcare facilities involved in the fight against the epidemiological emergency. It has supported numerous initiatives in different countries, largely through donations of a financial nature and of products. 

With regard to Italy, in addition to € 1.1 million in monetary donations to hospitals involved in this emergency, the Group promptly responded to the appeal made by the Lombardy Region to tackle the shortage of antiviral medicines and medicine for obstructive respiratory tract diseases by donating approximately 71,000 packages of its own medicines through Banco Farmaceutico. 
Through the Casen Recordati branch, the Group has donated various amounts of its products to local hospitals in Spain and made a donation of € 500,000 in response to the request for help made by the Autonomous Region of Madrid, the epicentre of the pandemic in March. Furthermore, the Spanish branch expanded on these acts of solidarity by donating 1,200 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (face shields) to the main endoscopy centres in the area. Following the commitment shown during this time, the Region of Madrid awarded Casen Recordati the prestigious recognition award—the Madrid Guarantee—for having identified and implemented ordinary and extraordinary security measures aimed at combating the pandemic and carrying out acts of solidarity such as creating training courses and making donations.
Equally significant were the monetary and product donations made by the other Group branches, such as those in Tunisia, Turkey, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. 

The COVID-19 epidemic has not only created a global health crisis, but a profound social crisis as well due to the dramatic consequences for the socio-economic system. In fact, COVID-19 has further increased existing inequalities, exacerbating situations of poverty and social exclusion.  With this in mind, the Group wanted to contribute to supporting the most disadvantaged segments of the population through donations to organisations and associations that are committed to meeting the basic needs of people in serious difficulty. 

Still focussing on the social aspects, the pandemic has also had heavy repercussions on schooling. The possibility of having a device in order to participate in distance learning was a problem that affected many students and their families. To this end, the Group has joined the Bring the Laptop project, promoted by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with the Milan Women's Centres, aimed at collecting second-hand computers from citizens and companies and donating them to boys and girls so that they can do their lessons online. The Group supported the project by donating over 250 refurbished and fully functional computers to children who were in need of them.

*The figure includes both monetary donations and product donations.