SustainabilityPeople's health: Recordati's priority since the beginningResponsible marketing

As set out by the Group Code of Ethics, Recordati seeks to enable doctors and healthcare operators to offer their patients the best possible therapeutic care, providing them with complete, accurate and truthful information in accordance with the applicable legislation on the promotion of medicinal products. At Recordati regulations on advertising products to the public are rigorously applied, adopting a simple, clear, and complete approach to communication and refraining from any improper and/or misleading practices.

Relationships with the medical community, healthcare operators (pharmacists, nursing staff, or other healthcare workers in public and private healthcare structures), scientific societies, and medical associations must be handled in a transparent and traceable manner, in full observance of the applicable laws and rules of conduct set out by the professional codes of national industry associations.

All information and promotion activities regarding drugs promoted by the Group Companies are regulated by internal procedures in compliance with supra-national and national legislation. These procedures are also aligned with the national codes of industry associations.

The marketing activities of Group Companies are periodically subject to specific internal audits in the context of the audit plan approved by the Parent Group. The Group Companies, members of industry associations, submit their marketing and scientific-information procedures and activities to independent assessment and annual certification.

The Group's field forces receive constant training on regulations regarding drug advertising and the provision of information in compliance with local legislation and specific training on ethics and anti-bribery topics in the context of the company training plans specified in the previous paragraphs.

Recordati has commercial relationships with both private customers and with customers in Public Administration. Our private customers include, for example, distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, and the large-scale retail trade. Our customers in Public Administration include, for example, hospitals, care homes, and public pharmacies. All commercial relationships with our customers are based on fairness, honesty and mutual respect and always comply with the current regulations in the markets where the Company operates. Within these relationships, the Company guarantees full and correct fulfilment of contracts and provides high-value products and services in terms of quality, safety, and environmental impact. In terms of our commercial relationships with customers in Public Administration, in addition to respecting the aforementioned principles, the Company also guarantees correct fulfilment of all obligations related to participation in tenders organised by Public Bodies.