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The Group is constantly committed to Research & Development activities, implemented through the development and launch of pipeline pharmaceuticals and the acquisition of new specialities. In particular, in recent years Recordati has focused its efforts on the research and development of drugs mainly in the rare diseases sector.

Over the last few years, the development of new pharmaceuticals, partly through internal research programmes and primarily through R&D opportunities in partnership with external companies and research institutions, has been a fundamental element in enriching the pipeline and ensuring the Group's future growth.

The Group carries out research and development in accordance with good clinical and laboratory practices and legislation, guaranteeing compliance with the highest international standards.  Recordati uses animals in scientific experiments only when this is strictly necessary, that is when there is no alternative and when it is expressly required by the health authorities. In such cases, Recordati makes use of specialised centres which guarantee adherence to relevant national and supra-national legislation and which effectively implement the principles of the 3Rs: Replacement (using alternative methods), Reduction (minimising the number of animals used) and Refinement (protecting animal welfare).

Recordati ensures the utmost rigour in performance of clinical studies through appropriate data management and the transparent management of results, thus avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. The health and safety of the subjects involved in clinical and post-marketing studies are our top priority, along with their human rights, including the rights to dignity, self-determination, privacy, and the confidentiality of personal data.

The subjects involved are provided with clear and comprehensive information, expressed using comprehensible, non-technical language. The Group uses trial centres and suppliers of proven reliability and professionalism and which are capable of meeting legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the applicable codes of conduct for the industry. 

Protection of intellectual property

The Group's intellectual property is protected by its patents, which enable Recordati to protect its R&D investments. Following a positive outcome of the patent criteria assessment (principally relating to new products and innovative development phases) according to local laws and legislation, the award of European and international patents provides for patent protection in a great number of countries.

This protection, which varies from country to country, depends on the type of patent application and the intended objective. The patent application may be formulated to protect new compounds, manufacturing processes, medical indications, devices and the composition of materials. In countries where the Group files an application to gain patent protection, the duration of the same is generally twenty years, beginning from the date of filing. This period may be extended for a maximum of five years in certain countries, particularly in Europe and the United States, following the approval of the pharmaceutical product by the local Health Authorities.

The patent portfolio is regularly monitored in collaboration with the operational units involved, in order to identify potential breaches and take any necessary legal action. The Group also benefits from the protection of international intellectual property rights through licensing agreements for products and compounds that have been patented by other companies.
As at 31 December 2020 the Group held 1,235 patents, of which 52 were granted in 2020. 

Trademarks also protect the Group’s intellectual property. This protection, which varies from country to country, refers principally to their use and registration. Trademark rights are obtained based on national, international and EU registrations, and are generally granted for renewable periods of 10 years. The Group holds around 7,200 registrations for 900 trademarks filed in the name of various companies. Approximately 50% of the trademarks are currently in use. 

Additional information can be found in the Annual Report and in R&D website page.