SustainabilityInitiatives in the context of the COVID-19 emergency

2020 proved to be a particularly difficult year for the entire world, which found itself facing an unprecedented health emergency with the COVID-19 epidemic. 
Since the beginning of the emergency, the pharmaceutical world has been under immense pressure due to its role as an “essential service for the community”. The Group reacted immediately and decisively, adopting all measures necessary to manage the emergency, with the goal of reducing the spread of the virus and therefore protecting the health and safety of all employees whilst ensuring business continuity.  

These measures ranged from smart working implemented for office personnel to the launch of new organisational models for our sales network through the remote provision of scientific information, also supported by specific training programmes. A series of measures were adopted in production and distribution facilities, in full compliance with provisions issued by the Authority, which allowed the Group to continue production and guarantee the health and safety of production personnel. 
While observing all measures necessary to ensure the health and safety of its employees, Recordati never suspended its production and distribution activity, guaranteeing continuous availability of its products in the market, many of which are used in the treatment of serious and chronic illnesses. 
Therefore, as a sign of appreciation for the outstanding professionalism and dedication shown, an extraordinary ad hoc bonus was also given to all the personnel at the Group's plants. 

In fact, Recordati has also maintained ongoing dialogue with the supply chain, both recommending the adoption of strict prevention policies (access procedures, availability of personal protection equipment, segregation of shifts and flows, etc.) to protect the health and safety of individuals involved in the process and efficiently organising stock management, also differentiating the physical location of stock where possible. 

Furthermore, right from the start, the Recordati group has stood alongside the communities where it operates, offering support to the health facilities involved in combating the epidemic. It has supported numerous initiatives in various different countries, largely through donations of a financial nature and of products. The Group’s support for these initiatives totals more than € 5.4 million. 

All of these efforts and initiatives have represented further confirmation of the robustness, resilience and responsibility of the Group. 

Protecting the health and safety of employees during the COVID-19 epidemic
Supply-chain management and initiatives adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic
Contributions to the community during the epidemiological emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus