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The Recordati group recognises the value of natural resources and in particular the value of water resources. For this reason, the Group invests its efforts in the development of manufacturing processes aimed at reducing water consumption and managing the quality of wastewater. 

To this end, Group production plants are equipped with systems and procedures to monitor consumption and wastewater. The use of water resources primarily impacts the manufacturing cycle and process cooling, in addition to sanitary uses.

Regarding wastewater, if necessary or required by local laws, plants have installed or implemented waste-water treatment systems before discharging water into public drains or into the natural environment. In compliance with local and national environmental laws, plants analyse and constantly monitor the quality of wastewater in order to observe the minimum standards set by local and national environmental authorities. Specifically, all plants must observe applicable environmental laws and must hold the necessary water-discharge permits required by local authorities. 

In 2020, the overall water intake at the Group’s production plants fell by 3% compared to 2019. In particular, total water intake in 2020 was 2,500 Ml, of which 31% was surface water, approximately 60% was groundwater and the remainder was drawn from the mains supply. 

Water intake at Recordati group production plants by source*

Percentage of recycled water at Recordati group production plants
*In the context of fine-tuning of data collection and calculation processes, 2019 data for Group water intake and water recycling at the plants has been represented compared to the data previously published in the 2019 Non-Financial Statement of the Recordati group. For previously published data, please consult the 2019 Non-Financial Statement available on the Group website.

Additional information can be found in the Consolidated Non – Financial Statement