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The Recordati group’s commitment to environmental protection is also evidenced by its activities to reduce the waste produced by its activities and ensure the correct disposal of chemical and pharmaceutical products, particularly at its production sites. 

The basis of waste management applied to all production sites is reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal. The classification of waste according to its origin and type (material and disposal method) is maintained within the sites, leaving the waste collected and stored separately at defined delivery points, and after temporary storage the waste is sent for recycling or disposal (according to its characteristics). All waste is treated in accordance with the relevant national regulations and for this reason each site has organised specific procedures for waste management and disposal.

Depending on the planned storage and disposal process, it is of the utmost importance that all employees working have received training in waste classification. Training courses for newcomers and refresher courses are therefore offered throughout the year.
A total of 6,707 tonnes of waste was produced in 2020, of which 61% was hazardous waste (substances defined as hazardous in the country of origin) and 39% was non-hazardous waste (all other forms of liquid and solid waste).

Total waste produced by Recordati group plants, subdivided by type and disposal method
*In the context of fine-tuning of data collection and calculation processes, 2019 data has been represented compared to the data previously published in the 2019 Non-Financial Statement of the Recordati group. For previously published data, please consult the 2019 Non-Financial Statement available on the Group website.
*This category includes the disposal methods classified as D8, D9, D13, D14 and D15 used at the Campoverde di Aprilia plant and listed in Annex B of Italian Legislative Decree no. 152/06.

Additional information can be found in the Consolidated Non – Financial Statement