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The Recordati group manages the general use of energy resources through a range of initiatives to reduce energy use, with the aim of improving energy efficiency in all of the Group’s industrial and commercial operations. 

The main energy resources used at the Group’s production plants are electricity, natural gas and diesel. In 2020, the Group plants consumed approximately 630 TJ, in line with 2019 consumption. 

Regarding electricity, demonstrating the constant commitment to the environment and to reducing atmospheric emissions, it is noted that the Group has increased the purchase of renewable electricity, reaching a quota of approximately 50% of total electricity purchased by the Group in 2020 (approximately 85% considering only the electricity purchased by European plants). The quota of renewable electricity purchased and certified by Guarantees of Origin regards total electricity purchased for the Italian plants in Milan and Campoverde di Aprilia, for the Irish plant in Cork and, for the first year, also for the Spanish plant of Utebo. Also for the French sites of St. Victor and Nanterre, in 2020 supply contracts were established for 100% renewable energy certified by Guarantees of Origin from October. These changes in supply have led to a further significant increase in the share of renewable electricity purchased, in line with the trend for 2019. It is the Group's objective to reach 100% renewable electricity purchased for our European manufacturing and packaging sites and annexed offices by the end of 2021*

Energy use at the production plants of the Recordati group by source*

Percentage subdivision of electricity use by production plants, according to usage and type of production plan
The chemical pharmaceutical plants consume higher quantities of natural gas than the pharmaceutical plants: a high proportion of this gas usage derives from the electricity generation system at the Campoverde di Aprilia plant, where a self-generation policy for electricity and thermal energy has been in place for over 20 years thanks to the installation of a co-generation system. Through the use of a single fuel source (natural gas), the co-generation system enables the plant to generate enough electricity to meet its needs, sell any excess to the national grid and produce all of the steam used in the plant without the use of any additional gas or resources. 

Additional information can be found in the Consolidated Non – Financial Statement
*The Recordati group has 8 production plants (2 chemical-pharmaceutical plants and 6 pharmaceutical production plants) in addition to one plant dedicated to packaging.  Please note that 7 of the 9 manufacturing sites are in Europe and will be powered by renewable energy by 2021. 
*Lower Calorific Value of natural gas is 0.035 GJ/m3, average density of diesel is 0.84 kg/litre, Lower Calorific Value of diesel is 42.87 GJ/litre, (Source: Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea, Table of National Standard Limits, 2020).
*The proportion of renewable electricity purchased by the plants of Milan and Campoverde di Aprilia (Italy), Cork (Ireland) and Utebo (Spain) is certified by Guarantees of Origin from January to December 2020. In addition, calculation of the proportion of renewable electricity purchased also includes the electricity purchased by the plants of St. Victor and Nanterre which have established contracts for the supply of energy certified Guarantees of Origin from October 2020.