SustainabilityFocus on the environmentCommitment to environmental protection

As defined in the Group Code of Ethics, Recordati is committed to implementing policies aimed at increasing the environmental sustainability of the Company’s business and meeting all related legal and regulatory requirements.  Everybody is required to respect the corporate procedures and standards in force and to report any deficiencies or failure to respect these in a timely fashion. In performance of its activities, the Group: 
  • uses advanced technologies for the purposes of environmental protection, energy efficiency, the sustainable use of resources, combating climate change and protecting our natural world and biodiversity; 
  • promotes initiatives in production plants aimed at minimising energy and water consumption and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere;
  • is dedicated to reducing the production of waste linked to manufacturing activities, with a particular focus on correctly disposing of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Uses materials which can be recycled or disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations; 
  • promotes environmental protection by providing information and holding regular training courses, appointing officers responsible for compliance with environmental management issues, and by carrying out inspections and verifications of the conformity of manufacturing sites; 
  • provides regular information to stakeholders regarding its environmental commitment. 
All of the Group’s production sites hold the necessary environmental authorisations and ensuring compliance with said authorisations is an important part of the responsibilities of the management team at each site. Demonstrating the commitment to the environmental and to continuous improvement, it is noted that the Campoverde di Aprilia chemical pharmaceutical plant and the Tunisian pharmaceutical plant have an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. This certification attests that the manufacturing sites have a management system that is suitable for managing and mitigating the environmental impacts of their activities, and that their efforts for continuous, coherent, efficient and sustainable improvement. 

Regarding the Irish chemical pharmaceutical plant in Cork, it is noted that the environmental management system was developed to ensure full compliance with environmental legislation, regulated in Ireland by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is subject to regular inspections by EPA officers. In addition, for several years, the chemical pharmaceutical plant in Cork has joined the Responsible Care initiative which aims to promote the continuous improvement in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry of all aspects that have a direct or indirect aspect on the environment, employees or the community.