Pharmaceutical Operations

Pharmaceutical OperationsR & DPipeline

CYSTADROPS® Recordati  Corneal cysteine crystal deposits in patients with cystinosis Development of new formulation  in EU and USA
FORTACIN TM Plethora Solutions Premature ejaculation Post-marketing
REAGILA® Gedeon Richter Schizophrenia Pediatric post-approval development plan
methadone   Treatment of cancer-related pain in cases of resistance or intolerance to opioids Approved in France
Market access activities underway
CARBAGLU® Recordati Hyperammonaemia due to NAGS deficiency and to the main organic acidemias Development of new formulations in EU and USA
Filed in the USA for the organic acidemias indication
REC 0551 Recordati/Meyer Hospital (Florence) Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Formulation development
Phase II in Italy
REC 0438 Recordati/UFPeptides Overactive bladder in patients with spinal lesions Proof of concept trial planning in EU
REC 0559 Recordati/Mime Tech Neurotrophic keratitis Formulation development
Clinical development planning
REC 0545 Recordati/AP-HP Acute decompensation episodes in MSUD Formulation development. Retrospective study in France and Germany