PartneringOur Capabilities

Why Recordati as a Partner

Recordati, founded in 1926 in Italy, is a well-established international pharmaceutical group with more than 4,300 employees and direct presence in all key geographies.
The company has grown thanks to its own R&D activities, partnerships and acquisitions, and is focused on developing and commercialising products in the Specialty Care, Primary Care and Rare Diseases areas. 

In the Specialty and Primary Care areas, Recordati has commercial presence in Europe, Russia, CEE, Turkey and North Africa with strong sales/marketing teams and affiliates in Northern Europe (Nordic countries), Western Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Benelux, Greece, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom & Ireland), Central Eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania), Russia and other CIS countries, Turkey and Tunisia; in addition, Recordati has strong expertise in managing distributors in those countries with no direct presence.
Recordati Rare Diseases is the group’s wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to the development and commercialisation of products for the treatment of rare diseases.  Recordati’s rare diseases business is today a global one with commercial presence in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Japan, USA, Canada and other countries such as Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia. In addition, Recordati Rare Diseases collaborate with distributors in residual countries with no direct presence.

Recordati has a proven R&D track-record in developing products and managing global regulatory procedures and clinical studies. Examples of developed products and development activities include both in-house (lercanidipine, fenticonazole, flavoxate) as well as in-licensed products (cariprazine, silodosin, pitavastatin).

In addition, Recordati has an extensive know-how and full industrial capabilities covering the whole manufacturing chain, from active ingredient to finished product (facilities in Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Tunisia).

Business Development is a core component of Recordati successful history. The company has developed a long-standing track record and commitment to partnering and is financially sound to support business development transactions.