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Recordati operates in highly competitive sectors such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where it is extremely important to rely on increasingly qualified people, capable of delivering professional performance and added value in order to allow the Company to excel at the challenges of increasing market competition.

Development in Recordati strives to bring to the surface the unexpressed potential of our people in order to improve individual effectiveness and to allow the organization to take full advantage of its human capital.

Our development programs integrate primarily training, job rotations and tailored job assignments.

Such instruments will help you achieve your full potential. It will be a team effort that will engage both the employees and their managers to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for our people and the organization.

Training in Recordati is a continuous process, where objectives and interventions are responsive to specific needs. Our managerial courses for directors, managers and executives ensure current professional knowledge that evolves concurrently with the Company targets and the individual’s goals.

Professional and technical know-how updates are achieved through continued training sessions, either in-house or at external Institutes and Training Centers. Our researchers are active participants at seminars and workshops, both in Italy and abroad, thereby staying in the forefront of the scientific knowledge.

Special attention is devoted to our Sales Forces who perform the fundamental task of sharing scientific information with doctors.

Informative and educational meetings are also held to stimulate employees' and managers' awareness of accident prevention and workplace safety measures.