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Recordati has a highly complex organizational structure and our career paths reflect the diversity of our business:

Drug Discovery

This is where the foundations for the development of our future products are laid. Our scientists are engaged in the discovery of new candidate compounds in Recordati’s pharmaceutical areas. Based on your specialty, you may closely follow the synthesis of new chemical entities, carry out pharmacological screenings, in vitro and in vivo kinetics. You may join programs involving scientists from other pharmaceutical industries and research centers. A degree in either chemistry, biology, or pharmacology is required. A previous experience in university research programs and a track record of scientific publications are highly desirable.

Drug Development

In this area you will follow international clinical studies (Phases I-III) as well as the national post-marketing phase  (Phase IV) for the clinical development of original and licensed drugs.  By providing medical and scientific support to our subsidiaries, licensing and international marketing functions you  will contribute to the international development of Recordati drugs.  For the position of Clinical Project Leader we require a M.D. Degree and an excellent command of English. For the  role of Clinical Research Associate supporting our doctors, a degree in either biology, pharmacy or CTF is necessary. By operating in this function, you will follow all the steps required to bring the drug to registration, in full compliance  with the national and international regulations in force, or to the drug safety procedures.


Our Marketing team helps to support Recordati’s business by conceiving and developing strategies  according to the different national and international marketing features and competitiveness framework. In this function, with a special focus on foreign markets, you will work with our foreign affiliates, as well as  with those licensees and distributors that help us to sell our products in countries where we do not have a  direct presence.  A degree in scientific disciplines or economics is required. Previous experience in sales is desirable since it  provides an in-depth knowledge of market dynamics.


Business Development & Licensing

In these areas, you will support Recordati in business expansion by spotting new opportunities  in international markets of particular interest to our Group.  More specifically, you will screen companies for potential acquisition; evaluate the potential  market for new products and negotiate the relative license-in or acquisition agreements;  license-out Recordati products in those markets where we do not have a direct presence. We seek graduates in scientific disciplines (biology, pharmacy, CTF, medicine…), economics and  with a fluent operating knowledge of English.


Pharma Sales

Being part of our Sales Force Team means representing Recordati vis a vis  healthcare professionals (GP, specialists, staff doctors) and providing them with  the most current information pertaining to our products’ indications and safety  profiles. For these profiles, we seek graduates in scientific disciplines (medicine,  biology, CTF …).


Technical Area

In this area, you will assist in running our Group‘s plants in full compliance with national and  international regulations and under the obligations in force of Prevention and Protection of plants  located in Italy.  Furthermore, depending on your interests and professional background, you could ensure the  efficiency of production by implementing investment optimization projects and improving business  planning based on market needs.  In Supply Chain and Materials Management Group, you will be responsible for the search of new  sources of supplies both cost-efficient and of good quality.  Based on the role responsibilities, we look for graduates in scientific disciplines, economics or  engineering. A good knowledge of English is often required. 

Human Resources

Your role in Human Resources will be to actively research the market for people who are compatible with  Recordati values and help them to thrive by providing training and development opportunities.  You may also assist in activities such as employee labor relations, payroll and administration.  We seek graduates in scientific, economics or social sciences.



Our Finance Department ensures that Recordati operational and financial management is compliant with  the rules, regulations and accounting principles for a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. This  function offers a variety of career options. You could join the team that handles the Italian Headquarters’ accounting, controlling and debt collecting  activities. If you have an excellent command of English and you want to discover our HQ financial and operational  logistics in more depth, you may choose to enter our treasury department, coordinate controlling and  prepare regular budgets and forecast reports through liaison with the relevant functions of our affiliates.  Preparation and coordination of the Group’s reporting and consolidated accounts are activities also included  in this area. Bachelor Degree in finance or accounting is required. Previous experience in HQ Finance function and a  mastery of SAP and Hyperion are highly desired.

Information Technology

This function acts as the coordinator of IT services throughout our organization. You will work on the design and implementation of IT programs and procedures supporting the diverse corporate and affiliates functions. A degree in Engineering or Informatics and a good knowledge of Microsoft programming languages, SAP and Hyperion are a requisite.


Legal/ Audit & Compliance

The legal affairs office verifies and prepares the Recordati group contracts, be they of a commercial nature or related to activities and projects of an industrial, research, etc. nature. This function also guarantees compliance with statutory obligations and legal rules and regulations related to corporate affairs.
In order to become part of the team – where you would provide legal assistance to both the Italian colleagues as well as to colleagues working in the foreign subsidiaries – in addition to having a law degree you must also have had to pass the Italian national examination for admission to the Italian bar.
Compliance with applicable legal rules and regulations is guaranteed by the Audit and Compliance office that ensures that the internal control and risk management system is operational and appropriate. An audit plan – based on a structured process for the analysis of the main company risks – is planned and executed and company processes, policies and procedures are precisely and timely defined. Due to the nature of the function, a degree in Economics is preferred.